YPO Louisiana – Gold Chapter

When YPO Louisiana – Gold Chapter sought an extraordinary experience for their couples retreat, they turned to EY ZHN Greece to craft a remarkable journey that transcended expectations.
Guiding 25 CEOs and their spouses through the captivating tapestry of Greece, EY ZHN Greece designed a unique blend of history, culture, business, and relaxation that left an indelible mark on every participant. Athens served as the canvas for the retreat’s first chapter. A distinctive city tour took on a new dimension as a storyteller wove the city’s history, bringing its vibrant past to life. The journey was accompanied by musicians, creating an enchanting ambience that led the group to Plaka’s oldest house, where a welcome dinner awaited, capturing the essence of Greek hospitality.

The retreat’s heartbeat resonated in the shadow of the Acropolis the following day, where participants explored this iconic monument, connecting with Greece’s rich heritage. The experience expanded to encompass business discussions, as the group engaged with the Mayor of Vouliagmeni to explore the city’s evolving business landscape.

A day on the enchanting island of Mykonos offered a serene interlude, allowing the group to relish the Aegean’s azure waters. In collaboration with Aegean Airlines, EZGReece transformed the very journey into an experience, marking the beginning of the adventure even before arrival.

The retreat’s final day embraced diverse interests, offering tailored tours that catered to every taste. Participants embarked on distinct paths: the Democracy Experiment, an exploration of Delicious Athens, and a cultural immersion at the Benaki Museum. The odyssey culminated with a private dinner, where the majestic view of the Acropolis provided a breathtaking backdrop, adding a touch of grandeur to the journey’s conclusion.

The retreat, a seamless harmony of exploration, culture, connection, and relaxation, bore the distinctive imprint of EY ZHN Greece’s meticulous planning and creative execution. It was a journey that etched lifelong memories, fostering camaraderie and leaving each participant with an enriched perspective on Greece’s diverse.


Discover Greece with our local dmc EY ZHN Greece.

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