Al Manara: Cairo’s Shiniest Conference Centre

Al Manara International Conferences Center was built with the dream of becoming the place to go to when organisers want their events to be exceptional!

With extensive hard work, passion and attention to detail, this outstanding venue is set to become Egypt’s biggest business and cultural hub. It was built on more than 30,000 square meters of multi-purpose space divided into 13 unique and world class halls.

Al Manara is more than equipped to accommodate international visitors and exhibitors, set to become Cairo’s MICE center in the region. It was designed specifically for this purpose and its mission is solely to guarantee the success of any type of event whether business meeting, huge concert, seminar or fancy dinner.

Since its inauguration in October 2017, the National Company for Exhibitions and International Conferences aspires to become the most advanced and integrated venue in Egypt.


The Theatre


egypt-al-manara-2- THE THEATRE


The Conference Hall


egypt-al-manara-3-THE CONFERENCE HALL 219


VIP Round Table


egypt-al-manara-8- VIP ROUND TABL


The Dining Hall


egypt-al-manara-7- THE DINING HALL


The Multi-purpose Hall


egypt-al-manara-6- THE MULTIPURPOSE HALLS


The 3D Cinema Hall


egypt-al-manara-4- THE 3D CINEMA HALL

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