Vintage Car Trip in Frankfurt

One of cpb culturepartner berlin’s longstanding French clients sent a group of their leading executive managers to Frankfurt for a three day conference. You think that sounds boring? Not if you join us for a discovery!

Germany-gda-global-dmc-alliance-food-frankfurtApart from organising the conference, which included a professional translator and technical equipment set-up, we also ensured our guests were getting a good night’s rest in a cozy design hotel with top-end service in the historical center of Frankfurt. Over and above, we also ensured they were getting the right dose of entertainment during their free time.

First of all, we managed to organize an exclusive visit of the European Central Bank, and being bankers, it was an outing our professionals really appreciated. For lunch, we showed the group around the old town of Frankfurt, where they tasted local delicacies and home-cooked food (for all fans of the Rocky Horror Picture show: the Frankfurter sausage is no joke, it is a local delicacy – and you should absolutely taste it!) and of course local beer.

We then heightened the level of cuisine every day, including also a reception at a trendy young bar that was followed by a representation of Verdi’s Tosca at the renowned (and beautiful!) Frankfurt Opera House. After the opera, our group enjoyed a sensational late night dinner with a stunning view over the lit-up skyline of Frankfurt and its river Main.


Germany-gda-global-dmc-alliance-car-modelWe even managed to keep our big surprise a secret until the last day: on their day off, we started with what seemed a pretty normal guided tour, but once we arrived at a place where car collectors showcase their precious objects of passion, the facial expressions of our guests changed from interest to sheer delight: they could not only look at them, we even took them on a ride! So their journey ended with a great trip through the sunny autumn landscape around Frankfurt in wonderful vintage convertibles.

A prefect ending to a memorable journey that shows how this German banking city can be so much more than just a business destination! You want to join cpb culturepartner berlin on the discovery? We’d be glad to show you around!

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