Discover Norwegian culinary specialties !

Norwegian culinary specialties to enjoy !


If you want to try some of Norway’s culinary specialities, you’ve come to the right place! So here’s what you can taste on your way to Norway! There are many specialties, but here are just a few of them.


Roros salmon soup!

The first specialty is a salmon soup made with vegetables and seasoned with basil. This Scandinavian soup will warm you up and energize you during your trip.

Maten er klar!

Norwegians cook a lot of salmon, which is why there are so many salmon-based specialties. Norwegians eat it smoked and accompanied by bread for breakfast. You can also find it cooked, in soup, gravlax or marinated.

Jeg er sulten!

This time it’s a Norwegian meat dish. This is a traditional Scandinavian meal. Made from finely sliced reindeer, this stew is served with mashed potatoes and red berries. We recommend you try it, as the dish is extremely tender and tasty. But they also eat sausages, venison and game, especially during the festive season.

Godteri eller kaker !

Finally the sweet for dessert there are several desserts very famous in Norway !

Julekake: this is the traditional Christmas cake. In this bread, you’ll find dried fruits and spices. Delicious! Fyrstekake: a Norwegian tart with almonds and cardamom. The taste of this cake is halfway between caramel and cookie, so it’s very good.


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