Greece: Cruise around Mediterranean Sea

One of the largest automotive companies in Canada travelled all the way to Greece as part of their incentive cruise in Mediterranean Sea.

Our partner, the #EZTeam, organised their gala dinner, transport and a special tour around Athens & Corfu Island all the way to Italy. Sounds simple? The group was 1,200 people! For this event to be flawless, 500 associates and suppliers worked together, and 200 vehicles had to be hired.




The journey started with a warm welcome at the airport, where all guests were whisked away to the cruise ship and ready to sail away. The same night, we hired “Athinon Arena”, one of the biggest venues in Athens, which was transformed into Mount Olympus for a mythical night, inspired by ancient Greece and its Gods.


All guests had a great night, with lots of music and dance, two famous Canadian bands lit up the night and rocked the venue. The cruise lasted five days, the start point was Greece and the final destination was Venice, lots of activities on board and lots of stop over around Greece and Croatia, until they arrived in Italy.


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