King Crab Fishing in Norway

A totally unforgettable experience awaits you on the frozen fjords of Kirkenes, Norway!

King Crab fishing attracts travelers in search of unique experiences. Now you have an opportunity to understand the culture behind Norway’s King Crab fishing, to catch some and learn how to cook it.

This month the NOW team visited Kirkenes, a town in on the border between Russia and Finland, for a Blue King Crab safari. There are millions of crabs living in this region, which is also home to cod in the Barents Sea.

You can combine Blue Crab safari with other spectacular winter activities, such as the snowmobile tour, the Northern lights hunting and tours at the sustainable Sami farms- the native population who takes care of the reindeers.

Kirkenes is one of our travel destinations that can bring unique recreational experiences and one of a kind incentive trip.



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