Prague Inspiration: Meetings & Incentives

1. Do you fancy a hotel where you can feel more at home, rather than at an incentive or business trip? Let us inspire you…

How about meeting at a different venue, with lively public areas? A multifunctional hub for creative souls, an up-and-coming meeting spot for Prague designers, artists and hipsters is currently top of our list. Next comes a brand new venue, with state-of-the-art technological solutions and third, a unique location where you can literally brand the entire venue and make use of 360 projection.

2. Indoor Team-Building Activities

With long winter evenings ahead of us, the time for exciting indoor team building activities has come! With the support of world debate champions and coaches of the Czech national debating teams we introduce a DEBATING CONTEST, where presenting your own ideas, public speaking, critical thinking and above all team cooperation will be the goals to achieve. Indoor ESCAPE ROOM kind of team activity, teaching your team how to become a string ORCHESTRA IN 60 MINUTES or how to gain the BIG PICTURE are just to name a few exciting alternatives!

3. Gastronomic Experience

May it be new restaurant concepts, picinc at a hidden garden, beer tasting in one of Prague mini-breweries or local food tour , we will make sure that your guests enjoy a NEW EXPERIENCE. We strive to introduce not only the traditional Czech cuisine but also the taste of the new restaurant and food concept scene in Prague.

4. Souveniers

…and the GOOD-BYE GIFTS? If you won’t be happy with the great variety of typical products or products of local food & drink enthusiasts, young designers or artists…we can always print the desired gifts on a 3D printer located in the hotel lobby of your hotel.

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