Welcome on board Discover Georgia!

Welcoming a new strategic partnership : Discover Georgia – Shahravaran Keryas

We are proud to welcome on board: Discover Georgia – Shahravaran Keryas, our new strategic partnership in Georgia.

Our new DMC partner is IATA accredited and member of the Georgian Tourism Association (GTA). It is experienced in handling the 100,000 Georgian and foreign clients it hosts each year. All tours are safe, diversified, innovative and focused on the development of the sector.

Discover Georgia aims to improve the quality of products/services and the training/retraining of professional staff at each event. The company is always innovative and thorough as it actively participates in local and international tourism exhibitions, always eager to improve the image of the country.

Georgia is a small but unique country with a rich culture and history. Its nature is picturesque and diverse, its architecture is exceptional and unique. The country’s writing, history, traditions, culture, Georgian food and hospitality are ancient.

Come and discover the Georgian folk dance, its ancient history and polyphonic music. In fact everyone will be thrilled by the sound of Georgian artists’ voices and Georgian music, the history of Georgia conveyed through complex and catchy elements of unique choreography.

Another key point the country of Georgia is not only an ancient and picturesque country but also a country with its own script.Indeed, there are thousands of different languages in the world, but only 14 of them have their own script. The Georgian script is one of the 14 scripts in the world. It is assumed that the creation and spread of the Georgian script is linked to the name of King Kartli Farnavaz I. in the 3rd century.

In addition to a well-organised business trip, Discover Georgia, our new strategic partnership you will have the chance to see landscapes that will remain in your memory such as the Narikala fortress or the Batumi botanical garden!

Welcome on board Discover Georgia!

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