Take part on an Incentive trip to Morocco

An incentive trip to Morocco offers many exciting possibilities.

Historical visits
Explore Marrakech and discover the historic medina, pass by the colorful souks and walk to the Jemaa el-Fna square before visiting the beautiful gardens of the city called the Majorelle gardens.

Take part on an Incentive trip to Morocco. There are so many different activities to do. From exploring the Atlas Mountains on a hike, walking through the picturesque Berber villages and admiring breathtaking landscapes.
Enjoy water activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving or big game fishing.
One of the best activities is the mythical excursion in the Sahara Desert, therefore take part on an Incentive trip to Morocco. Take part in a 4×4 or camel-back expedition through the dunes with our Moroccan partner.
More relaxing activities can be offered too. Like planting olive trees in the mountains in a chosen area.

Culinary experience
Try a convivial culinary experience with your group. Enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisine, with traditional dishes like couscous, tagine and sweet pastries during a gala dinner.

The historical visits, activities & culinary experience will offer your participants an unforgettable experience in Morocco, combining adventure, culture and gastronomy.


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