Slovenia: Retreat in Nature

Travel to the heart of nature.


Now’s the perfect time to venture into the Alps on an inspiration incentive programme. Slovenia is the perfect destination to get away from it all.

Villa Planinka 5* boutique hotel accommodates intimate groups seeking relaxation in nature, and our dmc partner in Slovenia, The Little will also prepare  discrete luxury details.

Surrounded with soothing energies you can unplug and recharge. Drink from the nearby stream, breath in the fresh mountain air. When it comes to gastronomy, they are all about the luxury of essentials. Using only organic and local ingredients turned into the finest cuisine. Taste the simplicity of pure flavours.

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To this unique place, which also has a meeting room for seminars, appropriate for board meetings we added special incentive workshops called Spiral living. Integral lifestyle recommendations with activities that enable new habits to harness health, stress resilience, calm, and joyful inspiration.

This programme is designed to take you on the life-time journey with a solid body, soft heart, and an open mind.


  • Get high on the vibrant joy found in the energy flow.
  • Integrating mental, emotional, and physical dimensions.
  • Putting spirit into embodied action.
  • Boost your creativity and positive impact.
  • Life fulfillment and better stress resilience.

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