Unusual destinations and different experiences

All DMCs should be ready to prepare attractive programs in order to be selected from the bidding process.

One must take into account a number of factors, among them, providing a unique experience for guests, this is often the great challenge to the DMCs. Charm your customer and beat your competitors. Present a creative offer with arguments and unique experiences connecting with the spirit of your destination. Being unusual, will provide good memories and unforgettable experiences.

“See your activities with the eyes of who will experience it, and you can understand if that activity is going to be a wow experience to them,” says Roberta Perez, Founder of our Swedish DMC partner Nordic Ways. “The client has an important cultural background and we need to understand it very well before creating the program and choosing the component between business visits, adventure, food concept, team building and so on.”




Creating an incentive program requires a lot of dedication and expertise. And to increase the challenge there is always a budget to respect. A first premise is to know deeply your destination. “The project manager needs to have his radar on,” continues Roberta. He needs to dedicate a lot of his time to study, go on site inspections, field trips and being update with the news from different sectors.

What is the vision of your destination to the future? How the country, region and cities are investing? What is happening with the industries, the economy, social investments. Any information can be important. Nordic Ways knows how important it is the investment in your team. Last November, for example, the project managers participated on a study trip in Lapland. Visiting suppliers, meeting our partners at Visit Luleå and opening the mind to new experiences, a continuous investment updating ourselves to create always the best.

Do you want to offer an unforgettable experience? Join us!

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