Popeye village, the highlight of Malta

Discover the Popeye village of wonder and fun!

‘Popeye Village Malta’, the Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production “Popeye”, also known as ‘Popeye Village’ today is one of Malta’s major tourist attractions. The film set was constructed in Anchor Bay during the last 7 months of 1979.


To bring to life this enchanting wooden village, tree trunk logs embarked on a journey overland from Holland, while authentic wood shingles for the rooftops traveled all the way from Canada. The construction of this remarkable set involved a global effort, with a diverse crew of 165 individuals using a staggering eight tons of nails and two thousand gallons of paint to bring the vision to fruition.

The ambitious project called for the creation of no less than 20 wooden structures. But before the first nail could be hammered, an access road leading to the set had to be carefully constructed. Additionally, the picturesque Anchor Bay required a substantial 200-250 foot breakwater at its mouth to shield the set from the unpredictable high seas, ensuring a smooth filming experience during the production months. The cameras started rolling on the 23rd of January, 1980, marking the beginning of an extraordinary cinematic journey.

What you can do:

Immerse yourself in the world of “Popeye the Sailor Man”. Your admission ticket grants you access to the original set of the 1980 film “Popeye” which starred Robin Williams. Enjoy several activities at the park including mini-golf and meet the characters from the movie such as Olive Oyl and Popeye himself. Enjoy an inflatable water park in the summer months learn about the movie at the Popeye comic museum.

You can then visit the village’s twenty or so houses, most of which still feature the film’s sets: the dentist, the bakery, the shoemaker, the mayor’s office and Olive’s house (Popeye’s sweetheart).

The village also boasts a souvenir store and a silver jewelry workshop.

You can also dine in one of the village’s restaurants.

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