Malta, Europe’s Most Immersive Destination

Malta – Europe’s Most Immersive Destination

Valletta, Malta — The smallest capital city in the E.U. took top spot as Europe’s most immersive destination according to a new study commissioned by Iceland’s flagship carrier, Icelandair.

Boasting 7,000 years of history and a diverse set of cultural influences, Valletta has had its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation since 1980. Moreover Malta, europe’s Most Immersive Destination  won out in the research in terms of the number of available tours, attractions, restaurants and bars per 1,000 people.

Indeed there are many hotels with the capacity to host business events, such as the Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa which has an entire floor dedicated to meeting rooms.

« Tourism demand in some EU member states is particularly concentrated in the summer months of July and August. By contrast, while it does have a summer bias, Malta, europe’s Most Immersive Destination is a year-round destination with demand spread more evenly across the calendar.

Eurostat is the official statistics office of the European Union and periodically issues publicly available statistics on the economy, population, wellbeing and social life of member states.

The study, which looked at economy and business trends, calculated tourism by the number of nights spent in tourist accommodation.

In 2021, 13.8 per cent of tourism in Malta was concentrated in July and 17.1 per cent in August, while 69 per cent was registered throughout the rest of the year.

This is more than what countries like Italy (51.7 per cent) and France (53.2 per cent) retained throughout the year and well above the EU average of 57 per cent. »

Some extracts have been written by TIMES MALTA from journalist Mark Laurence Zammit.

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