Sweden: Nordicways Launches Its Post-COVID19 Travel Packages

Nordicways is inviting you to venture north this summer.

Summer is Sweden at its happiest. And, although rooftop bars and innovative galleries continue popping up over its vibrant cities, be sure to act like a local explore the great outdoors. Indeed, each summer, the Swedes undergo a pilgrimage to the countryside.

Inside truly unique accommodation, you’ll make the most of the forests filled with wildlife in Lapland’s remote green islands.  Log cabins make for idyllic Lapland getaways, canal cruises sail through rural heartlands and the cragged west coast delights with cobbled fishing villages. And, while the Baltic’s largest island, Gotland, will impress you with its Viking ruins and medieval severity, it is even possible to get away to an exclusive cabin on your very own private islet!

Throughout your stay, you’ll only find the finest in Swedish innovation: with the likes of Gothenburg’s 17th-century canals and Stockholm’s Royal Palaces paired against hip cafés, designer boutiques and world-leading studios. The cutting-edge also extends right into Sweden’s unique accommodation. Alongside art-installation treehouses, the world-famous ICEHOTEL is now open year-round, powered, ironically, by the Midnight Sun.

Join us in the Nordics this Summer! Get in touch: info@gda-mice.com

Full brochures:
1. Nordicways – Lapland Summer 2020

2. Nordicways – Summer 2020, City Break


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