Discover the Golestan Palace

Discover the Golestan Palace, an emblematic building located in the historic center of Tehran in Iran.


The Golestan Palace is a must-see building of Tehran which was built in the 16th century, renovated in the 18th century and finally rebuilt in 1865. It was used as a residential home for royal families and to welcome royal receptions and ceremonies.

You can enjoy the complex architecture made of tile work and brickwork inside the 17 structures, halls and museums incorporating traditional Persian arts and crafts and elements of 18th century architecture and technology.

The complex of Golestan Palace represents an important example of the merging of Persian arts and architecture with European styles and motifs and the adaptation of European building technologies, such as the use of cast iron for load bearing, in Persia.
As such Golestan Palace can be considered an exceptional example of an east-west synthesis in monumental arts, architectural layout and building technology, which has become a source of inspiration for modern Iranian artists and architects.


You can discover a magnificent part of the palace as the Marble Throne, a really detailed terrace with statues and the throne embodies the finest of Iranian architecture or The Brilliant Hall a magnificent hall decorated with many details and its famous for its mirror work and chandeliers.

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