Visit a complete musical universe in one destination: Colombia.

MVS World invites you to visit Colombia; the country of a thousand rhythms, where musical culture can be felt in every corner of its mountains and impressive beaches.

Medellin is ready to welcome you with a radiant smile and to offer you the most memorable of experiences. Walking through its streets and neighbourhoods, participating in the colours and the art that covers its walls is not the only wonderful thing about this city, you can also witness the social impact thanks to music. Hip Hop and rap are not only characterized by their lyrics and dances but have also been a driving force to promote social change among the youth of this part of the country.

Further north, sunny Cartagena awaits you, home to the most beautiful sounds of bagpipes and drums. Not only will you be able to walk the cobblestone streets of the old town, but you will also find yourself in every corner with the echoing of Colombian folklore. Native instruments that come together to share the joy of being in Colombia.

In Colombia you will find a great diversity of sounds from the Amazonian tip to the high Caribbean, marimbas, bombos, timbales, accordions and more. All of these represent Colombia’s musical culture, which, together with the country’s mountainous regions, vast plains, mysterious rainforests and stunning world-famous beaches, make it a must-see destination in Latin America.

Travel with us and explore not only a musical universe but also the countless dazzling sceneries of the happiest place on earth, Colombia.

Our local dmc in Colombia, MVS World.

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