A fascinating event in Italy

Passion colors all that it touches in its own hues.

The exceptional event we’re about to tell you about took place in the magnificent city of Florence, Italy, and more specifically in a castle that alone embodies the grandeur and beauty of history. The day began with a fascinating tour of the castle, a place steeped in history and breathtaking architecture.

During this visit, delegates had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the world of Baltasar Gracian, an eminent 17th-century Spanish Jesuit writer and philosopher.

After this cultural immersion, the event continued with a sumptuous dinner in one of the castle’s restaurants. Lively discussions took place in the castle’s halls, creating a warm and convivial atmosphere among the guests.

The evening unfolded in an atmosphere of celebration, with each participant sharing his or her passion for culture, history…

In short, this event in Florence was much more than just a cultural getaway, it was an immersion in the past, an experience that awakened intellectual curiosity.


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