Becoming Kölsch: Conference & Leisure in Cologne Germany

The main focus of cpb culturepartner berlin, our German dmc partner’s 120 guests, was the world-wide leading dental business summit IDS, a biannual event that brings all experts in the field to Cologne.

Cologners take pride in nicknaming their hometown the “most Mediterranean city North of the Alpes”. Spanning the River Rhine in western Germany, the colourful city is the country’s capital of Carnival and the region’s cultural hub.

Our client, a leading Brazilian dental technology company, gave us the task to accompany this event with a thorough introduction to the city, German lifestyle, music and cuisine, crowned by an exclusive product presentation.

And here’s what we prepared:


1. Cologne Cathedral

The city’s landmark started in 1248 and finished only at the end of the 19th century. Cologne’s Dom is a magnificent example of a central European gothic-style church, hosting a unique golden shrine in which, as the story goes, the relics of the three wise men are kept. Whether this is true or not, gifts were assured to come our way strolling through the lovely old city with our knowledgeable Portuguese speaking guides (who used portable communication devices in order to secure the transmission also to guests admiring the little medieval houses at the Rhine shore).


2. “Eau de Cologne” House Tour

One of the highlights of the tour was a visit at the original 4711-house, where the true Eau de Cologne has its home (and even spills from a fountain inside the house – refreshing in any way!).


3. Learning Kölsch

The tour then was crowned by a most enjoyable, practical language lesson: our guests learned that the dialect spoken in Cologne, the “Kölsch” is also the name of the beer that’s only brewed here – and a delicious introduction to Cologne’s way of life. Prost!


4. Luxury Boat on the Rhine

The highlight of the one-week-long stay at this fascinating summit was of course the product presentation. Since we wanted the guests to experience first-hand also the charms of the Rhine valley alongside with their in-depth discussions of our clients newest technological product, we allowed for both highlights to take place at the same time without shadowing one another: we hired a luxury boat! Adorned with nautical decorations, the elegant saloon boat was the ideal frame for the perfect presentation, followed by German folk music and a buffet of typical German delicacies.


And raising their glass of Kölsch beer or Rhine wine our guests could not agree more with the old folk song that states that it is “So beautiful at the Rhine”! The trip ended with a big smile for our Brazilian clients in Cologne – with our partners cpb culturepartner berlin.

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