Costa Rica: 5 Unique Rainforest Experiences

Costa Rica may cover just 0.03% of our planet’s surface, but it’s home to more than 6% of our biodiversity!

Located just between the 8 and 11 degrees North from the equator, Costa Rica is tiny little country with just above the 51000 square kilometers of territory.

Through many years the country has been concern about the protection of those ecosystems turning this in to a one of a kind destination.

Among the most remarkable developments we find the: “Rainforest Adventure Park” right at the edge between the lowlands of the Caribbean and the mounting ranges of the Braulio Carrillo National Park.


Just 50 minutes from San José is Rainforest Adventures Braulio Carrillo, one of the most sustainable Eco-Adventure parks in Costa Rica. This is a theme park with real fun, relaxation spaces, adrenaline experiences, environmental education programs with activities to choose from such, cable car, ziplining, nature walks, hiking, and bird watching.

Rainforest Adventures Braulio Carrillo Park began its journey 24 years ago with the aim of providing tourists with sustainable and recreational contact with nature.

475 hectares of the tropical rainforest are protected and the facilities are 100% sustainable with the environment.

The park offers total accessibility, ample parking, bathrooms, green areas, roofed areas, restaurant and total logistics for events such as incentives, teamwork, meetings, parties, weddings, corporate activities, among others.

Being a worldwide pioneer of a cable car in the middle of the tropical rainforest, this tour is positioned as one of the most sought after by foreign visitors and national tourists who want to know the only guided tour of the longest route cable car in Costa Rica. In addition to this tour, ziplining and the all-inclusive (6 in1) are the safest and best-selling tours countrywide.

This is a glimpse of the experiences you can enjoy at Braulio Carrillo Rainforest Adventures Park:


Explore each level of the rainforest from the ground to the treetops, with a magnificent view of the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the private reserve in an experience immersed in nature that includes a naturalistic guided hike the nature trails, butterfly garden, herpetary, hummingbird garden and orchid garden.





Experience adrenaline and adventure on our amazing canopy tour (zip line) 10 cables, 14 platforms that include the 700m long “Adrena-line” cable, the longest near San José. Fly through the rainforest on the safest canopy ride with our controlled brake system that allows you to travel along the line without holding the cable so you experience great sensations when flying freely.


  1. 6 IN 1

Make the most of your stay in Costa Rica doing the best activities full of adventure on the same day: fly over the treetops in our Cable Car, live the excitement with our zip line and our suspension bridge next to a walk through the nature trails, butterfly farm, herpetary, and thematic gardens



As one of the best birdwatching locations in Costa Rica this is also one of the richest spots in Central America with more than 400 present species. Join one of the expert naturalist guides and spend hours searching and admiring the majestic species that nest in our rainforest.




This tour is not for those who do not take risks, it is for those who really love the rainforest and want to explore this deeply and live in contact with nature. The trekking tour includes long and deep guided walks within one of the densest territories of the country: the Braulio Carrillo nature reserve.

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