Incentive Trip in Athens

Sensient Beauty


Sensient Beauty entrusted EY ZHN Greece with curating an extraordinary incentive trip for a group of 40 accomplished salespersons in the vibrant city of Athens. Nestled within the heart of the city, the newly inaugurated Brown Lighthouse Athens 4* hotel provided a luxurious sanctuary for their stay, ensuring an opulent experience.

The journey embarked on an unparalleled exploration of Athens, taking an innovative twist with a captivating treasure hunt interwoven with delightful tastings and genuine interactions with the local community.

This immersive experience allowed them to uncover hidden gems while forging connections with the essence of the city.
Adding a delectable dimension to their voyage, a hands-on cooking activity enabled participants to collaboratively craft traditional pies alongside locals, fostering cultural exchange and a sense of unity through shared gastronomy.
However, the pinnacle of their trip came through a meaningful initiative. Collaborating with the esteemed organization Archelon, the group undertook the impactful endeavor of cleansing a beach in Athens.

This noble effort not only demonstrated Sensient Beauty’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also prepared the coastline as a nurturing haven for the impending turtle nesting season, showcasing the convergence of corporate engagement and ecological responsibility.Under the adept guidance of EY ZHN Greece, this incentive journey transcended conventional travel, embracing the spirit of exploration, community engagement, and sustainable advocacy, etching an enduring memory in the hearts of the participants.




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