New Partner Alert in Moldova!

Meet one of the leading DMCs in Moldova. Our new passionate and reliable partner Tatrabis organizes press conferences, symposiums, congresses, launches of new products, marketing events, VIP parties, team buildings & exhibitions personalized.

MICE in Moldova is growing in popularity due to the country’s central location in Europe with convenient Air connections, modern conference facilities and a range of unique experiences that can be incorporated into events. Here are some of the things that MICE travelers can do in Moldova:

1. Attend conferences and exhibitions: Moldova has a number of modern conference venues that can accommodate large or small events. These venues are equipped with the latest technology and can cater to a range of needs.

2. Wine tastings and tours: Moldova is famous for its wine, and MICE travelers can incorporate wine tastings and tours into their events. You can visit vineyards, wineries, and cellars, learn about the winemaking process, and sample some of the local wines.

3. Team-building activities: There are many team-building activities available in Moldova, such as hiking, cycling, and outdoor adventure activities. You can bond while exploring the natural beauty of the country.

4. Cultural experiences: MICE travelers can also experience Moldova’s rich culture and history by visiting museums, galleries, and historic landmarks. You can also participate in traditional crafts, such as embroidery or pottery.

5. Incentive programs: Moldova is an excellent destination for incentive programs, with a range of unique experiences that can be incorporated, such as hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, and visits to underground wine cellars.

Overall, Moldova is a unique and interesting destination for MICE tourism, offering a range of experiences that can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups.

Discover different activities with our new partner Tatrabis based in Moldova. They will program different days according to your favorite activity in order to have a good time with your work team.
One of the suggested 3-day program:

Take a trip to Lalova to discover its gastronomic and cultural traditions, for a day rich in traditions and gastronomic experiences that you will remember for a long time. You will discover the ancient traditions of making a real Moldavian carpet, you will learn how to prepare the smallest sarmalute in the village of Lalova and you will taste the wines and vintages of the pure Moldavian cellar.

The next day, discover the delights of Transnistria. This region on the left bank of the Dniester River will surprise you with its contrasts between the traditions known from the Soviet period and the European level technologies and enterprises. The day will start in the town of Dumbasari, at the famous Buket Moldavii wine and liquor factory, where you will taste the legendary flavoured wines and vermouths. You will then have lunch at a restaurant in Tiraspol serving Ukrainian cuisine and end the day at one of the largest sturgeon farms in Europe, where caviar is produced. Finally, you will taste two types of caviar with a glass of raw sparkling wine.

On the last day, explore Plaiul Fagului. Spend the day in the nature reserve of Plaiul Fagului. After a hike on the paths of the reserve guided by the ranger, the teams will participate in the preparation of a fish soup in a cauldron. The ingredients needed by the participants will be hidden in the surroundings. The day will end with a tasting of the soup prepared by the participants and the election of the best cook.
Moldova may not be a well-known tourist destination, but it’s a fascinating and beautiful country that is definitely worth discovering with our new partner Tatrabis.



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