Morocco: Hidden Treasures of Spiritual Fez

Morocco’s Fez radiates a unique aura. This imperial city’s walls tell a story of 13 centuries of Moroccan history.

Walk through the walls that guard the celebrated Medina of Fez, whose outstanding universal value has been recognized by UNESCO. Meander along the streets of the Fes-El-Bali district. The Bab Boujloud Gate is the easiest way to access the medina.

In May, the city’s squares and streets come to life with music from around the world as the Sacred Music Festival takes over the one-time imperial capital. Along with the Jazz in Riads festival, it is one of the city’s cultural highlights.

Don’t leave without sampling the city’s extraordinary cuisine, which is considered to be among the best in the world. The imperial, eternal of Fez serve up a timeless experience that blurs the boundaries between past and present.



Treasures of the past

Fez is an open-air museum where treasures have accumulated over time. Its medina is the oldest and largest in Morocco and every stripe of artisan can still be found there, from tanners and weavers to coppersmiths and potters. Its streets are narrow alleys stuffed with architectural masterpieces, while its squares are gathering places where an ages-old lifestyle still thrives with assured, but subtle gestures.

Wander through the maze of alleyways in the imperial district. Pass through Bab Boujloud Gate and admire its Arabic-Andalusian design that combines blue and jade zelliges with scroll-shaped cut-outs. In the distance the minaret of the Karaouiyine mosque rises like a beacon. Head in its direction and continue past it to knock on the gates of knowledge, i.e. the entrance to the world’s oldest university.


This timeless city moves at its own pace, giving you the opportunity to sit down and savor some of the finest cuisine in the world. And then there are the festivals, including the World Sacred Music Festival, Culinary Arts Festival and Jazz in Riads. Throughout the year, they breathe life into the squares and streets of the former imperial capital.

That is Fez – a modern city where the past is never forgotten and where ancestral arts and treasures live on.


Activities: workshops with no experience necessary!


Laid-back and open to the public, drop-in sessions allow participants to discover the different elements of the brass etching tradition of Fez whilst making their own attempts at etching. 2- Private Sessions: A private session gives participants longer to explore their etching skills, meanwhile learning in greater depth the history of the brass etching tradition from the artisan whilst making their own tea tray.



This workshop will cover the techniques of crafting your very own Leather journal – complete with Coptic Stitches and a variety of Manila papers! Join and learn about making your own leather journal with Hamza El Fasiki from Craft Draft studio. The workshop will guide you through the step-by-step. Materials, such as leather, thread, paper and others, will be provided on the day of the workshop. This workshop also provides techniques of embossing and stamping on leather to create unique covers for sketches or notebooks.



A very comprehensive, hands-on course. The workshop shows you the methods of drawing Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of easy Patterns. This workshop will allow you to learn about different designs of Islamic art found in many of the Morocco’s traditional buildings and mosques. You will then learn the basic concept of geometric design in Islamic art by using basic geometric instruments – compass and ruler. You are welcome to construct your own division of circles to create a variety of shapes such as hexagons and stars.




While in Andalusian Fez, Craft Draft offers you, your family and friends access to an ancient Moroccan Andalusian music heritage. Participants will be introduced to Andalusian Classical Oud Music, hear its story and learn about its poetry and content. Hamza El Fasiki, Oud player, will perform, demonstrate, and discuss Andalusian music.



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