Slovenia: Experience Spiral Living

Retreat in Slovenia next spring and discover inner-peace with Spiral Living coaching. 

Designed to take you on the life-time journey with an agile body, warm heart, and an open mind, Sports Coach and Philosopher Dr Milan Hosta has developed techniques to help achieve wellness, aligning with the “flow”.

Have you ever heard of Spiral Living? Our dmc partner in Slovenia, The Little has developed integral lifestyle coaching with activities that enable new habits to harness health, stress resilience, inner calm, heart coherence and joyful inspiration.

Spiral Living about engineering inner peace, a unique life-enhancing game plan, coaching & mentoring to create a healthy, meaningful, successful and compassionate career & community.

For corporate stress-resilience and wellness incentives, get in touch: We are looking forward to it!

Thoughts from our life Dr. Milan Hosta, coach in our retreat:
“Ok, but … Are you doing just fine? Just fine? You are okay, well off, with a career that some people can only dream of? You’ve reached some social and career milestones and peaks. Family you love and a career you can be proud of. But … but … something is missing … I know. It’s clear. It’s the age and the stage we are in. It’s the spiral of life unfolding through us. But… I know. It’s inside of you. It’s like a warm pulsation. It’s like a summer breeze.

And it’s like Dennis the menace, that little … no swearing, stay decent …When you are at peace with the environment you live in, when you understand and accept circumstances and you know how to respond … That pulsating, that breeze is calling you to finally do something. When you listen carefully. When you really allow to feel it. It’s not about DOING. It’s about BEING. PULSATING. I know … time to put the armor down … allow your heart to lead allow your body to speak and don’t give up on your mind.”



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