Latvia: ATTA Centre Opens in Riga

ATTA Centre is the latest convention centre to open its doors in Latvia’s capital Riga, and also the largest in all of the Baltic states.

The innovative multifunctional business complex features 29 conference rooms, an office centre and coworking space, a restaurant, and a parking lot with charging stations for electric vehicles. The centre can accommodate up to 5500 people simultaneously.

The new venue is a considerable investment for development of MICE segment in Riga as due to its wide technical solutions it can host any kind of events of different size: exhibitions, conferences, banquets, concerts etc. Since its opening in August, the venue has already hosted several exhibitions and conferences, offering solutions also for HYBRID events and following the safety protocols.

The venue follows its own ATTA CLEAN program, an internal self-monitoring protocol. Organizing events observing 2 m distancing, all new sanitizing principles including availability of public hand disinfection and free masks and gloves. Also they have increased the cleaning of air filters and increased the level of ventilation.

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Many companies being concerned by environmental impact of their events, Atta has introduces a program GREEN ATTA, ensuring that any event adheres to the principles of sustainable development.

Initiatives that the centre is taking part in:

  • Use of energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems;

  • Use of water saving systems;

  • Recycling, waste sorting;

  • Purchase of environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products;

  • Partial refusal to use disposable products;

  • Participation in the study of environmental problems;

  • Participation in important days for the environmental movement;

  • Avoiding the use of meat or endangered animal products;

  • Use of alternative modes of transportation. For drivers of electric cars, charging stations are installed next to the centre;

  • Use of environmentally friendly and processed products in the construction and arrangement of the centre;

  • Support for local manufacturers, rejection of import shipments.

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