Hungary: Eggciting Easter celebration in Hollókő

The quirky festival has been attracting Hungarian and international visitors alike.

Hungary’s small open-air village museum in Northern Hungary, Hollókő, houses the world-renowned annual Easter Festival.

The village museum, a World Heritage Site since 1987, organises a program including craft fairs allowing visitors to make an attempt at creating the perfect traditional Easter egg. A number of musical performances from traditional folk artists as well as a range of traditional delicacies, such as Hungarian Easter Ham can be enjoyed throughout the weekend.



In addition to these activities, Easter Monday features one of Hollókő’s most famous Easter traditions, „locsolkodás”. It involves men drenching women with water in a ritual which has its roots in pagan beliefs connecting water and fertility. In return the ladies give them painted eggs, chocolate Easter eggs, homemade cakes or a shot of pálinka, the famous Hungarian fruit brandy. While the custom has been modernized with perfume used instead of water,  Hollókő still celebrates the authentic way.



The village is worth a visit not only at Easter but throughout the year!


Our hand-picked programs include homehosted lunch in Hollókő, where visitors  get the chance to look into the life of a local family and enjoy traditional Hungarian lunch with them.


Other interesting Hollókő programs include local women dressed in traditional costumes welcoming visitors with home-made culinary delights, reviving the atmosphere of the age-old houses of weaving by singing and performing folk dance.



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