Morocco: Discover Essaouira-Mogador

With notched walls and whispering winds, homes embellished in white and blue facades to mirror the frothy waves, Essaouira has earned its nickname “Bride of the Atlantic”.

Mogador is a coastal city where the good life and sea-oriented pastimes go hand-in-hand. Here you can take a walk on a movie set – literally! The walls of “Astapor”, the fictitious red city featured on the famous TV series “Game of Thrones”. Climb to the top and retrace a watchman’s rounds: from here you can see the Iles Purpuraires and the hawks and seagulls that soar over the nature preserve.

In the distance, surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing fanatics can’t get enough of the quality winds!

Your walk will lead you to the fishing port and its animated sailors. The fish market with the night’s haul of fish and seafood. The interlaced alleys of the medina await you in the town center. This UNESCO-listed medina is one of the finest in Morocco.

Moroccan Beaches

Away from the chaotic cities and madness of the markets, Morocco’s coastline provides plenty of beautiful beaches on which to kick back and relax. Bordering both the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas, even the beach life is diverse in this North African haven. Atlantic coastal resort, Agadir, boasts a luxurious beach scene with plenty of sunbathing spots and an expansive marina to admire, whilst the idyllic bay in Essaouira boasts some of the best water sport opportunities in Morocco.


Moroccan Cuisine

From the moment you arrive in Morocco, you’ll notice the aroma of spices drifting through the air – a consistent ingredient in whatever your decided delicacy. Moroccan food is full of flavour and creative with colour, making it ever more enticing and utterly delicious. Tantalising tajine is a popular choice with locals and visitors alike, as well as a strong street food culture featuring fresh salads, tangy merguez sausages and a host of other spice-fuelled snacks — your taste buds will be spoilt for choice.

Finally, each summer the city is overtaken by music as the Gnaoua festival celebrates the marriage of North African and sub-Saharan rhythms. Come to relax, wear yourself out and be culturally enriched: the mesmerizing Essaouira-Mogador is a destination that offers 1,001 possibilities!

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