Greece: It’s all about the people

An extraordinary group of Swiss watch-collectors chose Athens for their annual trip. Our partner EZGReece DMC made sure their 3 days were unforgettable!

When we first think of Greece, the first images that pop to mind are pristine beaches, sunshine and anything related to summer. And rightly so, Greece’s summers are enchanting. However in the colder months, the Greek islands transform into a magical winter wonderland.


Our EZTeam of experience designers sampled our hundred guests to a winter experience, with a Greek twist. The group was split into small teams where they were invited to cook like a Greek. Later, a challenging tour around Athens which saw them solve clues and riddles in a unique treasure-hunt activity for the art-loving and sporty group.

greece-gda-global-dmc-alliance-blog-swatch-club-day-4 greece-gda-global-dmc-alliance-blog-swatch-club-day-4

Don’t tell anyone that this was an exclusive experiential event for a unique group of people…looking forward for our next unique group to design another bespoke trip!


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