Sweden: Driving on Ice

Have an ice drive! The perfect combination of adrenaline, adventure and breathtaking winter views in Swedish Lapland.

Last February, our Scandinavian partner, Nordic Ways, arranged all the logistic services for a Brazilian group to be to able to drive on ice in the Swedish Lapland.

Our delegates had a wonderful experience driving super cars on a frozen lake in the north of Sweden, complete with an instructor who taught them all about the tricks to be fast and safe. Once you are on the north pole, everything is possible, sailing on an ice-breaker ship or do a floating experience on the freezing ice-sea. Freezing nights are also perfect for witnessing the shimmering northern lights.




This group also stopped in Stockholm for an exquisite Nobel dinner, Chinese porcelain and wine pairing of the laureates from Nobel’s winner.

Breathtaking views, unique experiences, amazing food and great hospitality makes the Swedish Lapland the best place to experience driving on ice!

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