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Swedes like to strive for things that are new and modern. Whether that’s fashion, tech, societal norms or nutrition trends. They are aware of global trends and quickly adjust to progress. They not only use to have the latest technological devices; they even know how to correctly apply them.

Reason: no one wants to be seen as outdated or lacking behind trends. If everyone is going for the new, so better you should, too. Being seen as bakåtsträvande (striving backwards) is what Swedes try to avoid. Instead, nytänkande (“new thinking”) is the way to go in Sweden.

Moreover, achieving personal goals is highly valued in Sweden. Stockholm Marathon next year. Summer house in close proximity to a lake or coast. Top job. Round trip through the USA. A good dog. And of course becoming self-sufficient. Those and more are potential goals a Swede might go for in order to reach their desired levels of self-realization.

Swedes want to achieve independence. To be financially independent from a spouse or any other person is valued highly in Sweden. “Strong independent woman” is a phrase often heard when Swedish women describe themselves or other women. Indeed, Swedes are modern day Vikings. Instead of getting drunk before raiding small villages along the coasts, these days Swedes prefer conquering the world by plane and on cruise ships. The moment a Swede leaves home turf is celebrated by opening a bottle of wine or beer or whatever beverage is preferred. By the time the captain welcomes the passengers, a typical Swede will be in a state of slight intoxication. This level will increase once they arrive at their target destination, whether that is Thailand, London, Berlin or Magaluf.


Some extracts have been written by Hej Sweden


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