France: Paris will always be Paris

Roland-Garros is the most important public relations event in France.

Paris will always be Paris !
As Maurice Chevalier sang it so well,

“Paris will always be Paris!
The more we reduce our lighting,
the more we see our courage shining,
the more we see our spirit brighten,
Paris will always be Paris!”

After this unprecedented crisis, Paris regains its colours. Thanks to the reopening of borders, and the gradual resumption of international flights, France can finally prepare for its summer season and the last quarter of 2020 with great hope.

Considering the reopening of restaurants and their terraces, museums, parks, cinemas, department stores and shopping centres, Parisian life resumes its course.

Roland-Garros is set to take the stage this autumn.

It’s chic, elegant, tasty … the best wines, champagne, excellent food and of course the best seats for a big show. This year, Roland Garros will take place 27 September to 11 October. Tickets are now available. 

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