Exploring Wieliczka Salt Mine

Exploring Wieliczka Salt Mine


Embark on a smooth journey to Explore Wieliczka Salt Mine. Offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of salt mining and the remarkable craftsmanship of the miners.

Descending into the Depths, marvel at the timber beams that supported the chambers. The mine’s complex network of underground shafts spans nine floors, reaching depths ranging from 64 to 327 meters.

The Chapel of St Kinga Undoubtedly the crown jewel of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the underground Chapel of St Kinga left us in awe. Carved entirely out of rock salt, this masterpiece is a testament to extraordinary artistry. It took three sculptors over 30 years to complete the intricate interiors. The chapel’s altar pieces, bas-reliefs, and chandeliers made from salt were nothing short of breathtaking. In addition to religious services, the chapel also hosts weddings and classical music concerts.


Underground Wonders As you venture deeper into the mine, you’ll encounter brackish lakes and mesmerizing green-glowing lakes, courtesy of the presence of sodium chloride. These underground wonders add a touch of mystique to your journey, showcasing the unique geological features of the mine.

Michałowice Chamber and Warszawa Chamber The extensive infrastructure of the mine resembled an underground metropolis. The Michałowice Chamber showcase a rock salt monument of two mine carpenters, symbolizing the incredible craftsmanship of those who constructed the timber structures supporting the mine. The grandeur of the chamber, with its wooden stairs and a massive salt chandelier. Meanwhile, the Warszawa Chamber serve as a versatile space for events, and it also provide amenities like lavatories, souvenir shops, and refreshments.




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