Incentive trip to Toulouse

Organization of a Toulouse trip by French signature Travel & Events

French Signature had one of their German clients, in the insurance sector, that asked them to organise an incentive trip to Toulouse, the Pink City… A group of happy participants, good-natured, and happy with this escapade in Toulouse.

The first day included a tour of the history and architecture of Toulouse with several very experienced German-speaking guides… a wonderful discovery for them followed by an evening at Le Bibent, a listed brasserie…

On the second day, a whole host of activities were planned to suit everyone, including a visit to the Domaine la Roc winery and wine tasting, an introduction to kayaking chosen by some, a cycling trip on the Canal du Midi for most, and finally a visit to the Airbus assembly site with a tour of the A350!

In the evening, there was a real party, with the presentation of awards, an elaborate cocktail reception, a top-class dinner, and an all-night dance party with an Open Bar… a magnificent atmosphere reigned at the Manoir du Prince!

On their third day, they took a lovely stroll around Carcassonne with lunch, followed by a tour of the Canal du Midi… in the evening, they enjoyed a fine dinner at the Caves de la Maréchale, a restaurant whose owner has an innate sense of hospitality… The next day, back to Germany in a friendly atmosphere…



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