Germany: Guided Walking Tours Resume In Berlin

Worldwide travellers know that Berlin is always worth a visit. But how about the Berliners themselves?

Guided tours and touristic offers have resumed this week, starting among the locals living in the German capital. Our specialists for art, architecture, culture and little neighborhood stories are ready to share their discoveries, with their first guests.

On open-air walks through a city in bloom and sunshine, our guests will discover everything about the street art culture, marvel at Bauhaus architecture and join us on a tour through the notorious landmarks of Babylon Berlin and the Roaring Twenties. From big history of WWII, the Wall and Reunification to the little histories and anecdotes, our guides offer a range of pleasant and intriguing insights to our “mother-town”! So when you will come back to Berlin, we’ll have a lot of new extras, themes and hidden places to show to you.

Germany is looking to re-open its borders to international travellers on 15 June. The city of Berlin has quit the quarantine regulations for incoming travelers from EU-countries, as well as for travelers from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and UK. Get in touch:


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