Nature in India

India is a land where diversity makes its mark in every possible way


India’s geographies that define its physical existence are the major examples of this distinguishing trait. The country shows a beautiful coexistence of snow-clad trenches, warm sandy deserts, tropical beaches, lush green forests, all in one chunk of land. Nature tours are probably the best in India as they let you explore the different moods of the country. Whatever landscape one is looking for, India does not let him return disappointed.

The major fascinations are the Himalayas in the north. Since time immemorial, these young fold mountains have been the pride of India. Himalayan geography is itself so diverse that one can find verdant alpine forests, perennial glacial rivers and lofty mountain peaks all becoming the face of it at different altitudes. When some of the highest elevations of the Himalayas permanently reside under ice and snow, the lower altitudes offers a pleasing cool topography that changes with different season. The impressive nature of these territories in the north has been the cause of a huge turnover of tourists to India from all over the world. However, the country has managed to use its other natural sides in its favor as well.

Contrary to the cold mountainous topography of the north, the western part of India speaks for itself in a more cultural and colorful way. The state of Rajasthan and the northern part of Gujarat have deserts to surprise you. These deserted regions are not actually deserted of civilization and tourism. In the medieval times, these regions were amongst the favorites of many dynasties. Owing to which, heritage structures (forts and palaces) become the prime tourist attractions in this part of India.

From here, if you travel down south to the tropics, natural diversity will become more evident. Surrounded by water bodies in all the three sides, this part has some of the most alluring beaches. Mountains make their presence here also; Nilgiris and Sahyadris. Thus, a beach lover is never too far from the hill stations. Besides, who can ignore the backwaters in Kerala? They are some of the most nature rich and blooming destinations in the world. A cruise through the backwaters (wetlands), an ayurvedic massage or simply a tour in the lush greens; these are some rejuvenations that you can steal from Kerala. The eastern part of India follows the same prodigy. Highly blessed by Mother Nature, some parts of this side are also known to be the abode of the clouds.

All coupled together, India is a blissful play of nature.


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