Incentive Trip: The English Country House Experience

One of the world leaders in leasing held its annual incentive trip in the United Kingdom in September.

The trip lasted a weekend and our UK & Ireland dmc partner, Finest Meetings has designed a tailor-made programme set around the English Country House theme, filled with fun, games and much more. The group of 100 guests were hosted at a beautiful country estate hotel amid 13 acres of garden.

The program kicked off with a picnic lunch in the garden as a warm welcome to England. On the first evening of the event they enjoyed English delicacies for dinner, which was hosted in a traditional country pub. The darts and board games created a special atmosphere along with the lanterns and sunset views of the picturesque scenery.


On the following day, Finest Meetings organised a fun team challenge for the guests. The 20 ‘Premier League teams’ have competed against each other across ten activities set out in the gardens, such as Penny Farthing, Croquet, archery, Laser Clay Pigeon shooting, Welly Wanging and other exciting English country games.

The complimentary colours of gold and purple created the perfect harmony between all the decorations, from picnic accessories to flowers, chairs and lights – Finest Meetings thinks little details make the biggest difference!


After an entertaining competition, guests headed to the secret Italian garden for a well-deserved rest and barbecue lunch.

As the sun set, our guests had a fine cocktail and aperitif before the gala dinner. A pathway of candle-lit jars guided the guests along the river and to the gala, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner and partied until dawn.


A visit to the royal Windsor Castle was the finishing touch of a traditional British incentive programme they will remember fondly.

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