Finland, Sweden and Norway: The Latest from Nordicways

It’s going to be a cool summer this year in the Nordic

Finland: Entry into Finland from EU and Schengen countries was eased on June 21st. Entry is allowed for those who have received an approved COVID-19 vaccination series (14 days prior to arrival) and those who have recovered from COVID-19 less than six months prior to entry

Norway: From July 5, Norway also opened its borders to people residing in countries in EEA/Schengen/UK, as well as a few other countries that meet the criteria for low infection levels and a controlled virus situation. These are listed as “yellow” or “green” areas. Travellers from these areas will not have to quarantine, and fully vaccinated people from these countries with a valid corona certificate will not have to take a Covid-19 test at the border.

Those from other countries and all countries outside of EEA / Schengen/UK are also welcomed to Norway following some procedures.

Sweden: As of 1 July, a Covid certificate is needed for foreign nationals in order to travel to Sweden. The certificate shows that a person has been tested negative, has been vaccinated against, or recovered from Covid-19. Travellers from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) do not have to present a Covid certificate. If you enter Sweden, you may need to get tested and self-quarantine for seven days after your arrival in Sweden. Fully vaccinated people and those who have travelled in from the EU/EEA, the Schengen area, the UK and certain third countries are excluded from this recommendation.

Denmark: There are several different requirements that apply when entering Denmark, depending on the colour category of the country you are travelling from, the category of your country of residence, and whether you are vaccinated, previously infected or travelling on a negative test. These requirements apply separately, and it is therefore important that you inform yourself about all of them here.

As things are changing fast, always search for updated information before travelling. Please find below links for information regarding each country’s current situation:

· Denmark: More information here

· Finland: More information here

· Norway: More information here

· Sweden: More information here

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