Experience Easter in Greece

Greek Easter is all about breaking eggs, having roasted lamb, preparing bonfires, taking part in a rocket war, throwing pots and many more… traditions!



Corfu: A world- popular Easter destination

On Holy Saturday morning it rains “Botides” – huge, heavy, red painted pots! A tradition that finds its roos thousands of years ago. This custom re-enacts the earthquake that followed Christ’s Resurrection, people from all over the world visit Corfu to experience this fascinating unique custom. Have your own pot, find the perfect balcony, wait for the clock to strike 11 a.m. and go!




Chios: Ready, set, fire on! Rocket war is on!

Rocket war is a 200- years old– custom, perfect for those who love adrenaline, it is dangerous but, offers a unique experience. Everything is ready since Holy Saturday morning; the anticipation is real until the moment when the clock strikes midnight and the rockets are on fire! In the rocket war there are two opposing parishes that are involved, only 400 meters away from each other. Tradition has it, that the goal is each parish to hit the bell tower of the church, of the other parish. Who is going to win in 2019?




Athens: A busy city perfect for some isolation

Athens, during Easter is empty and prices of hotels are way too tempting! People, around this time are looking to get away in the countryside and that makes Athens the perfect destinations for those who want to experience all the good choices that urban life has to offer without all the big city’s noise. Venues, restaurants, touristic sites are crowd less, streets are empty, beaches are all yours.


BONUS: Make your own red eggs and be part of the Greek Easter traditions! Share your experience with us.


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