Germany: Travel While Staying At Home

Travellers have developed a lot of different strategies to handle the slowing down or total halt of trips due to our common fight against the COVID-19-pandemic.

Revisiting the best places one has already been to by browsing through your stacks of videos and photos, Skyping with friends and relatives in other locations and of course taking part in virtual visits of museum or other places of historical interest that are increasingly offered by these locations.

Our dmc partner in Germany, cpb culturepartner berlin now adds on another strategy when it comes to discover common and uncommon, known and unknown places in Germany: let your own cpb guide take you there! It is easy – you just connect with the guide and he or she will take you on a virtual tour. The fun fact is that you might even be able to access places that are currently closed to those living in the same town – or enjoy historical film clips to make history come alive!


Contact us and explore architectural findings and street art in Berlin, the history of mad King Ludwig in Bavaria or maybe you always wanted to find out why out of all places in Germany it was Frankfurt to become a banking city?

We can offer you a wide range of themes or even organise a tailor-made tour for you. We also have some tours for younger travellers to show your kids parts of Germany they might want to discover also live in the future.

Drop us a mail and let us know when we can take you on a tour – we’ll be happy to do so!

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