Masovia: Poland’s Historical Voivodeship

The Mazovian region in Poland is an excellent destination for MICE groups, let us tell you more about it! 

Mazovia is the biggest of Polish voivodships and for sure it is a very attractive part of the country. Old monuments, beautiful landscapes, colourful folk culture and excellent cuisine make ups this lovely region, not to mention the recently developed hotel chains ideal to host MICE groups.

It is here that you can admire the longest paved market in Europe, the oldest school in Poland and the fortress compared to French Verdun. Here we have Kampinoski National Park that is on the list UNESCO’s biosphere reserves. All tourists interested in an active style of living can find many possibilities here thanks to a rich nature made of forests, rivers and lakes. Moreover Masovian gourmandise is also an important factor during such trips like dumplings, soups or meats served in an old-fashioned style.

In this Covid era the possibility to spend time in open air places is a big value. The Masovian region is an excellent additional aspect for Warsaw offer, a city which attracts the biggest number of business tourists in Poland. Even for short stays in a capital it is worth extending for a short stay outside the city.

Just 45 minutes from the city center we have Zegrze Lake when you can practise sailing, windsurfing or wakeboard. Moreover this area offers a large selection of good conference hotels.

The Masovian region it is also a huge selection of themed tourist tracks, including the most well known – Fred Chopin track. This excellent composer was born in Zelazowa Wola and spent his childhood and youth in Warsaw. Nowadays there are plenty of points connected to his life in this polish region.

Masovian landscapes served as backdrop to many films so you have the possibility to arrange the program based on real sceneplays and arrange meeting actors on set.

In Masovia you can meet many idustrial souvenirs like narrow gauge railway, City of Zyradow very important textile production center in XIX and XX century or museum of ancient Masovian metallurgy in Pruszkow arranged in nineteenth century manor with landscaped gardens.

If you are the admirer of history you can meet very interesting trail of Masovian Dukes including many palaces and castles where you can see the knights tournaments or listen to the music concerts.



To conclude Masovian region and Warsaw are an excellent place for your MICE group. Contact us today with your group requirements so that we can help you organise the perfect trip.


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