Slovenia: Recharging in the Alps

In Slovenia’s Jezersko Valley, discover Villa Planinka – a 5* hotel in the Alps

In the picturesque valley of Jezersko in Slovenia that boasts some extraordinary natural wonders and a healing climate, just 30 minutes from Ljubljana airport is situated a boutique 5* hotel Villa Planinka. A perfect place for your team’s executive retreat or incentive to unplug and recharge in the Alps. Here, you will feel a natural energy that has a beneficial effect on your wellbeing. You will slow down, harmonising your rhythm with your inner balance. Come and find balance in a place with high energy values that have a harmonising effect on the mind and the body. Feel the soothing power of four energy points. Drink from the nearby stream. Breathe in the fresh mountain air.
Mind & Body retreats surrounded by Alps
Whilst enjoying outdoor activities in nature, your personal lifecoach will take you on a journey of integral lifestyle recommendations with activities that enable new habits to harness health,stress resilience, calm and joyful inspiration. Designed to take you on the life-time journey with a solid body, soft heart and an open mind. Get high on the vibrant joy found in the energy flow. Integrating mental, emotional and physical dimensions. Putting spirit into embodied action. Boost your creativity and positive impact. Life fullfillment and better stress resilience.
Luxury rooms have dreamy views
They are designed to extend the luxury of nature into the villa. Each room has a unique local character. Rooms feature no electronic devices, no electric wiring elements inside the walls and noWi-Fi. Fewer interruptions for a more natural and enjoyable stay. Each of Vila Planinka’s 23 unique rooms is a tribute to the nature and cultural heritage of Jezersko. The rooms feature plenty of natural materials and wood, as well as breathtaking views of the valley and the nearby mountains.
Supreme dining and wining
Perfect for gourmet and wine lovers, because when it comes to gastronomy, we are all about the luxury of essentials. We swear by organic and local ingredients turned into the finest cuisine by our MasterChef. Jezersko, secluded among the mountains, retains its purity, which is also reflected in the rich flavours of the ingredients that grow here. Slovenia’s small size effortlessly brings together the Mediterranean temperamentand the majesticAlps, combining them in the flavours of our dishes. Our chef believes in constant inspiration, so spontaneous menus can-and do get created during a morning visit to the local sellers and a stroll through the woods. The diversity of gathered ingredients allows for countless opportunities to create truly fairy-likefood. Simple but sophisticated!
Experience the great outdoors
The idyllic Jezersko landscape changes with the seasons and thus provides a wide variety of possibilities for active leisure or meditation in nature no matter when you visit. Take your bike along wellkept paths that lead through unspoilt forests, over wooden bridges and past the mountains that boast some unforgettable views. Pick your own peak to conquer and head towards the most beautiful views the Valley of Jezersko has to offer accompanied by a seasoned mountainguide. Get to know the Jezersko Valley and everything its nature and people have to offer. A local guide will take you along mysterious paths to the most beautiful corners in the area. And many more.

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