Slovenia: Ready to Welcome You

Slovenia is ready to welcome tourists

The Government Of The Republic Of Slovenia Has Released The Precautory Anti-Covid Measures in May 2021. Currently all tourist services are operating as well as restaurants, bars, hotels, swimming pools and spas. Face masks are kept mandatory in indoor spaces when entering.

More about entry to Slovenia, guests can regularly check on web application “Enter Slovenia”.

(Here is a quick summary)
From Saturday, 19 June 2021, a person coming from an area on the  orange list  may enter the Republic of Slovenia without being sent to home quarantine if she/he submits a negative result of the PCR test or the HAG test, or a certificate of illness (convalescent from COVID-19), vaccination certificate or vaccination certificate for those who have recoverd from COVID-19.

A person coming from an area on the  red or dark red list  must submit a PCR test upon entering the Republic of Slovenia. After entering the Republic of Slovenia, she/he is sent to quarantine at home for ten days.  Notwithstanding the first sentence, a person is not required to submit a PCR test and is not sent to home quarantine if she/he submits a vaccination certificate, a certificate of convalescence or a certificate of vaccination after convalescence.

A person coming from an area that is on the  green list  may enter the Republic of Slovenia without being referred to quarantine at home, provided that upon entry she/he provides proof that she/he has resided in that area for at least five days prior to entry. The person must submit the proof only for the period from the departure from the Republic of Slovenia to the return to the Republic of Slovenia, if this period is shorter than five days. If a person does not provide adequate evidence, she/he is considered to be coming from an area on the dark red list.

In the light of changed travel habits, guests are in search of a non-mass, healthy and safe holiday destinations, and the boutique Slovenia has plenty to offer.

Therefore, active experiences in unspoiled nature are being highlighted. Health is becoming an increasingly important value as well, so we also pay special attention to the product health and well-being.

In recent years, Slovenia has developed a respectable level of high cuisine and become one of the rising gastronomy stars in the world. Slovenia entered 2021 as the holder of the prestigious title of the European Region of Gastronomy (ERG), within which Slovenia pursues the goal of maintaining or strenghtening the image of a foodie destination, which means that we also focus on inviting domestic as well as foreign guests to discover unique gastronomic experiences.

Of course, safety plays a major role when choosing a holiday destination, this is why Green&Safe brand has been launched, which present safe and attractive experiences in Slovenia, prepared with the aim of strengthening the trust of guests for a re-visit to Slovenia.

Our preferred DMC in Slovenia, The Little Things Travel have embraced a wide range of safety procedures to ensure guests’ safety:



Reserve your trip with a deposit and then pay in installments when you like with no interests or fees.


Cancel up to 21 days prior to your trip date for free. Or you can transfer your deposit to another trip.


Change your travel plans or person traveling in the group up to 21 days prior to your arrival date fee-free.


Our team of booking manager and guides are flexible to amend any changes to your selected itinerary according to your wishes to ensure your enjoyment and safety.

On holidays & tours:

– For the time being, scheduled departures are limited to eight guests.

– To ensure proper physical distance in our support van, seating will be assigned.
– Shorter transfers in our itineraries.
– All drivers must obtain a negative test within 48 hrs prior to accepting guests and are dedicated to our group only.

– Our hotel partners are implementing proper physical distancing in communal spaces (like restaurants and lobbies).
– Our hotel partners are implementing proper cleaning and sanitizing standards.

– All service staff must obtain a negative test within 48 hrs prior to accepting guests and on a weekly basis unless already vaccinated.

– Local representative is in charge of verifying the safety measures and policies throughout the stay. Checking if tests are done and negative, makes sure the indoor spaces have been aired prior to group arrival, checking the cleaning standards.

Attention to sanitizing

– The Little Things.Travel requires all vendors to adhere to strict operating and sanitizing standards.

– Every piece of gear and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly after each use.
– They will also supply you with hand sanitizers to use as you prefer.

– Our guides will be required to wear gloves and masks or face shields when not being able to social distance.

Food & dining

– In cooperation with your accommodation the DMC has arranged dining in different ways, including in your apartment or room.

– As weather permits whenever possible outdoor dining will be organised.

– Travellers of the same group or household will be offered to eat at separate tables.

What is asked of guests

– Please arrive on your holiday in good health.

– As per government notice currently face masks must be worn correctly (covering mouth and nose) when indoors and when arriving at restaurants until seating.

– Face masks are not obligatory while riding a bike or attending a sports activity that ensures social distancing.

– Please follow the instructors’ guidelines, they are here for your safety and enjoyment.

Support throughout the guests stay

1- Your travel manager

is here for you not just through the booking and reservation process but throughout your stay. In case of any additional requirements such as medical assistance whilst on a visit.

2- Your guides and instructors

will make sure your holiday reaches your expectations all the way. They are here for you not just for the activities part, but to make sure your requests will be heard and resolved quickly.

3- Your peace of mind

We support you. Being ready to travel again, we ensure safety procedures for you without taking away your time to enjoy.

4- Selected accommodation and itineraries

Due to recent last-minute changes of the country’s Covid19 restrictions, we aimed to choose from places of your stay where you will feel safe and relaxed, close to nature, and insuring social distancing as preferred.

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