GDA unveils Digital Meetings Platform



GDA, your global dmc network, has launched three new digital products which allow conferences and team-building activities to take place in the virtual realm.

Thanks to this innovative solution, event organisers and corporate organisations now have the opportunity to hold their own tailor-made conference and team-building experience, overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Virtual Arena (Rubra Eventos & IM Promociones)

An event is always an experience, even if it’s digital! After successfully launching in LATAM, we are excited to share Virtual Arena with you all. Through a dedicated content platform you can now sit in for a conference or event live from the comfort of your home. The platform will be fully tailor-made for your needs including breakouts, Q&A, trivia, video on demand.

Have a look at the live-demo:

This platform was developed by our dmc partner in Argentina.


Virtual Team-building (EZGReece DMC), on Desktop & Smartphone app

Our virtual team-building platform consists of a variety of exciting challenges for participants to complete. It allows teams to connect and stay motivated while physically apart. The content of the challenges can either be standardized (i.e. provided by us), or created specifically for your organisation.



This team activity is handled remotely through our web platform. Communication with participants takes place via their work email. Participants do not need to be at the same space, they can play from any location of their choice. All they require is their laptop, tablet or smartphone to login and complete the challenges while monitoring their score progress and ranking. And, as in every game, there shall be a winning team with the appropriate celebration!

This platform is ideal for remote-working staff and corporations who want to focus on their corporate identity and culture. It in an investment in your employees to keep them active, happy and bonded. Companies everywhere are discovering the benefits of engaging their employees in activities in order to become happier, healthier, and more energetic at work.

TIP: Our virtual team-building platform can be customized to suit your needs, such as company branding, language, logos and colour-scheme, as well as trivia and challenges.


We are now also offering Virtual Team Cooking Classes & Virtual Cocktail-making classes as part of our virtual team-building activities.

This platform was developed by our dmc partners in Greece.


Virtual Conference Platform (eXtramile), on Desktop and Smartphone App

This is a unique solution developed for conferences, product launches and team-building activities, allows participants to navigate their way through a virtual world. There is no additional equipment required by user: just a phone, tablet, desktop and works exactly like we are in a real conference.




First, you log into the conference platform using your own unique login/password, then create your own avatar, and control the avatar’s movements using simple icons on the screen to move around (arrows).

You can even ask questions while at a conference and speak to the people around you, just as you would do during a normal event. Users can search for other delegates attending the conference, and the platform tells you in which room they are located. The platform offers plenty of branding opportunities and at the end of your event, the platform provides you with stats and a report on the attendees.

This platform was developed by our dmc partners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


How can I organise my own virtual meeting?

The process is simple: send us your RFP and we will customize your experience as if it were happening in a physical location. All that is required of participants is a stable internet connection and a laptop. Get in touch:

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