Bulgaria: Rila’s Seven Mountain Lakes

Rila Mountain’s glacial lakes have recently caught the attention of curious travellers.

Located one above the other on an elevation of 2,500m, Rila’s 7 Lakes are a nature lover’s dream. The lakes are different in shape and tone of blue, connected by small streams, which form tiny waterfalls and cascades. During winter, they transform into still glass-mirrors, reflecting the winter skies.

Each lake has its own name:

    1. The Tear: Named after its clear waters
    2. The Eye: Named after its oval shape. Deepest cirque lake in Bulgaria
    3. The Kidney: Steepest shores of all
    4. The Twin: Largest by area
    5. The Trefoil: Irregular shape and low shores
    6. Fish Lake: Shallowest
    7. The Lower Lake: Lowest


The region is believed to be spiritually charged, and the Universal White Brotherhood visit Rila’s Lakes for their annual gathering in August. Followers of the Bulgarian Philosopher and spiritual leader, Petar Deunov, practice their Paneurhythmia dance on the ridge of “The kidney” lake. The ritual consists of different moves done in groups and participants feel inspired by the community and the whole environment.




The most common period to visit Rila’s lakes is in July and August when the risk of sudden storms is lower.

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