Germany: The ‘New Normal’ in Berlin


We always love to inform and entertain our guests when they come to Germany, but the re-start of our local discovery tours in Berlin end of May was an incredible experience!

You could grasp the joy both in our guides and guests to be able to stroll again through hidden places, discover unknown territory and find Berlin’s secret treasures.

So, where did our first tours take us? We basically started off where we left – with the predecessors of Bauhaus architecture. The year after the big architectural jubilee, we are digging deeper into the fantastic ideas of Bruno Taut, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and many more who were the pioneers of architecture in the early 20th century. Funny enough, we encounter and discuss questions that public discourse is bringing up also now: how do we want to live, how do we want to work? What kind of structures do we need?

If you want to see the answers of Peter Behrens (AEG turbin hall) for the way of working and of Paul Emmerich, Otto Bartning and others when it comes to living (and cooking!), just let us know and we will be glad to take you along some of the most splendid ideas that turned to stone in Berlin.




And as if the sun wanted to join in, the next tour was a sunny joyous walk through Berlin neighborhoods on the paths of our most popular street artists. How do you become a street artist? What are their techniques, their skills? How do they cooperate, how do they know of each other and what is their “code of conduct” (and yes, before we all raise our eyebrows – there is such a thing, as there is also a clear distinction between street art and vandalism). How does creative work in public space work nowadays? And if there is such a thing as a street art scene in Berlin, how well is it connected internationally and with whom? All you ever wanted to ask about street art but never dared to ask – come along with us and we will give you the answers. And certainly you will also find your favourite piece of work that will draw a smile on your face.

Want to know more about our tours in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany? Just contact us – we’ll be happy to welcome you!

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