Bulgaria: Railway in the Rhodopes mountains

Bulgaria’s narrow-guage railway in the Rhodopes mountains was voted The Guardian’s 10 best scenic railway journeys in Europe.

Hop on board! There’s plenty for you to discover in Bulgaria’s scenic mountain range.

Within 5 hours you will cover a route of 125km through mesmerising landscapes and historical landmarks.

From the starting point to Avramovo Station there is a displacement of over 1000 metres. Avramovo is situated at 1267 metres above sea level and it’s the highest railway station in the Balkans.

Another unique characteristic of this line is that it actually connects three ethno-cultural areas – Thrace, the Rhodopes and Pirin. This 5-hour journey is a meeting place of different destinies, lifestyles and cultures.

Our dmc partner and local expert in Bulgaria, Mercury-97, is looking forward to welcome you!

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