EZGReece: Incentive trip in Athens

CASCADIA on an Incentive Trip in Athens

A rewarding trip makes your client happier than ever!

One of the biggest companies of Financial Consulting in Canada travelled to Greece with 117 people to enjoy a multi-day rewarding trip in Athens! EY ZHN Greece SA – Travel & Experience designers organised this incentive trip in Athens. It was a  full week of activities and tours to fulfil the needs and interests of every attendee.

A long trip to plan, many external partners and venues to coordinate, daily schedule and menus to adjust, a big variety of events for entertainment to set up and all these… Fully customised to make all participants happier than ever treated in a unique manner!

The way to explore Athens, the city that never “sleeps”, was of course to create a 360 plan that combines everything; ancient history with sight-seeing, city tour to explore the real and modern style of Athens, deep dive into the Mediterranean cuisine and famous gastronomy, city nightlife and of course living like Greeks…meaning entertainment at full blast!

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