Experience Sound Healing in Belgium

Gong meditation is a magical journey for the body, mind and soul.

In today’s world where we are obliged to be ‘always on’ and engaged with what is happening around us, taking time to pause and give yourself space for inner rest could be a real eye-opener.

Our partner in Belgium, PASSAPORTA, is offering inter-generational sessions of well-being and relaxation for colleagues using Gongs and shamanic drums.
Both rejuvenating and cleansing, gongs allow you to tune in on many conscious and unconscious levels. Emotions and thoughts are provoked from the subconscious. The Parasympathetic nervous system is ruled by sound. And it regulates the over-worked and over triggered Sympathetic nervous system. Sound is therefore one of the most important healing media that there is.

What are the benefits?

• Immediately reduces stress and anxiety
• Immediately relieves from depressive feelings and fatigue
• Harmonises and aligns the chakras

In India, Kundalini is the name given to the “creative energy” of the Universe, which lies at the base of the spine at the level of the sacrum.
Participants are sensitized to a soothing sound journey using an intense vibratory flow produced by the Gongs and circulating this energy. The body and the mind free themselves from their negative patterns and find peace and serenity.

Dare to open yourself for this new experience!

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