French Signature on an incentive trip in UAE

 Incentive trip in UAE 

Motivate and reward, bring your team closer together… Take an incentive trip in UAE with your employees and colleagues!

Motivational trips teach you and your team to work better together. Everyone will have the opportunity to listen to each other and work on a common project through fun activities to improve cohesion. Our dmc’s themselves truly believe in well-being at work, which is why they are committed to organizing the best incentive trips for your company and going on incentive trips with their own dmc themselves.

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At the beginning of January, our dmc from France, French Signature Travel & Events organised its incentive trip in UAE, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. This team building took place in a very nice complicity in order to approach 2023 in a very positive way.

Marc, Giuseppe, Evelyne, Catherine, Corinne and Rémi spent four intense days of discovery and cultural, sporting and tourist activities. They have seen historic sites as well as the most futuristic and sophisticated ones.

The United Arab Emirates have now joined the top of the richest countries in the world. Symbol of luxury and excess, this region is also a land of contrasts where deserts and modern skyscrapers, Bedouin markets and gigantic shopping malls mix without complex.

Let’s plan your future incentive trip in UAE like French Signature Travel & Events did! Since then, a new atmosphere has been created in the company.


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