WATCH: Cuba Reopens its Borders

¡Cuba está de vuelta!

Cuba comienza a abrir sus fronteras al Turismo Internacional, desde el pasado 16 de octubre todos sus aeropuertos, excepto el de La Habana están operando, para el arribo de turismo y se espera que La Habana reanude operaciones a partir de Noviembre con la apertura de varios hoteles.

Los Cayos del Norte como Cayo Coco están recibiendo turismo Canadiense desde el mes de septiembre con vuelos de Air Canada.

Varadero, el principal balneario de Cuba ya está operando y varios vuelos se anuncian para finales de Octubre 2020, entre ellos Cóndor y TUI.

Excelente tarifas hoteleras para la temporada de invierno.

Pesca, buceo, catamaranes ya están activos en Varadero .

Aerolíneas que se reactivarán en Noviembre / Diciembre 2020 desde Europa: Air France, Iberia, Condor y TUI

Aerolíneas que se reactivarán en Noviembre / Diciembre 2020  desde Miami y Latino América: American Airlines, Copa , Delta


  • Población = 11 millones (+)
  • Casos total Covid = 6258 casos
  • Decesos = 127.
  • Casos actuales activos en Cuba =  349
  • Se realizará la prueba PCR a la llegada a Cuba a cada turista sin costo adicional.
  • Excelentes y estrictos protocolos de salud en hoteles y aeropuertos.
  • Equipos médicos especializados en cada hotel .

The news about Cuba is quite pleasant, as its small size in comparison to other countries in the region allowed for better management of the contagion.

Cuba continues to handle the global coronavirus pandemic with great success. After months of total closure, Cuba begins to open its borders to International Tourism.

Since October 16th all its airports (except Havana), are operating. The arrival of tourism and Havana is expected to resume operations from November with the opening of several of the hotels.

The Northern Keys and Coco Cayo have been receiving Canadian tourism since September with Air Canada flights. Varadero is already operating and several flights are announced by the end of this month, including Condor and TUI. In addition, preparations are being made at an accelerated pace so that foreign visitors can enjoy Havana again.

While the world is fighting the coronavirus, Cuba has kept the virus at bay and has only had 6,258 cases and 127 deaths from a population of more than 11 million. At the moment there are only 349 cases in Cuba, which is still very low.

The authorities have very strict and well-managed health protocols at all the airports and hotels they will open, with specialized medical equipment available at each hotel, as well as excellent social distancing arrangements that allow guests to truly enjoy their experience in Cuba.

Each tourist will be given a PCR test on arrival in Cuba at no additional cost.

To relaunch Cuba, hotels offer fantastic rates for the entire winter season and many hotels offer discounts of up to 40% on normal group rates, so for those groups wishing to experience Cuba, this winter would be a great time to visit.

Local experiences, activities and excursions will also be operating in Varadero which includes Catamaran rides, fishing and diving among many other options.

Flights start from Europe with Air France, Iberia, Condor and TUI announcing that they will resume flights in November / December. From the Latin American region flies Copa, Delta and American Airlines will also start daily flights from Miami.

As we approach winter, there will be more progress in Cuba, more opportunities for travelers, as it is promoted today as a safe destination and guarantees a risk-free stay with its medical and hygiene protocols.

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