Netherlands: Van Gogh’s Homeland

In Brabant, you can walk along Vincent Van Gogh’s favourite landscapes.

Brabant, a province in the middle of our beautiful country, The Netherlands. But this province has a lot of history since it was the ‘homeland’ of Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent was born and raised in Brabant and even made his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters here. Many of his well-known paintings are painted in Brabant actually. This is why the province has made a special ‘Van Gogh’ tour, which takes you to several highlights throughout Vincent’s life.

Van Gogh: Potato Pickers | Van gogh paintings, Vincent van gogh ...

Visit Zundert, where Vincent was born, his younger brother’s grave and a town called Etten-Leur, where Vincent learned how to paint.

Nuenen, which is also called Van Gogh Village, has 23 locations that remind of Vincent, like watermills and churches he painted in his paintings. But in Nuenen you can also find his house and atelier. In total Brabant has 39 Van Gogh monuments, that can be seen by foot, bike or car. It is also possible to book a single highlight or make a tour out of more of them.

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